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DokuWiki Prosemirror Plugin

The prosemirror plugin is a new WYSIWYG plugin for DokuWiki completely written from scratch with a clear focus on DokuWiki's features. It does not reuse a HTML editing component like CKEditor, but instead uses the abstract document based prosemirror toolkit. You can learn about why we believe this is the better approach to WYSIWYG in Wikis.


:?: Where can I try this plugin?

:!: Right here in this wiki. Head over to the playground and edit it. You can switch seamlessly between WYSIWYG and syntax editing.

:?: What is the state of this plugin? Is it production ready?

:!: The plugin is currently able to process standard DokuWiki syntax. We implemented support for the Gallery Plugin as an example. There are probably still a lot of bugs and quirks we haven't noticed, yet. You can see what we think is still missing at the roadmap. We currently do not deem the plugin to be production-ready and suitable for the general public.

:?: How do I install the plugin?

:!: The plugin can be downloaded from (you can use this URL from the extension manager. However keep in mind that it is meant as a developer preview.

:?: Will you continue to work on it?

:!: We'd love to. But we need a way to cross-finance this OpenSource work. Please read how you can help
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